To all the staff at Kiddisafe

Thank you so much for all the love, care and attention you showed our daughter, Hanaa, finding a suitable nursery was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I spent Many a night pondering over if I was making the right choice to put Hanaa in a nursery (you hear so many horror stories). You all surpassed every expectation I held. I can honestly say Hanaa truthfully loves you all, she is always so excited to come to nursery. You have all helped her develop into this wonderful toddler. Along the way helping me be a more confident mother. I can not thank you all enough.

Wishing you all the best

Dr Sameer and Savina Nakedar

Kiddisafe is an exceptional school. I fell in love with the setting since first introduced to it and Amari also immediately loved it. I find the staff to be highly skilled in their area very professional and courteous at all times. Since starting Kiddisafe I have watched Amari develop into a confidant child. I would recommend Kiddisafe to every parent seeking an early learning development experience for their child.

Alesiu Thompson

My daughter has been attending Kiddisafe for 2 half years. Since her time here she has improved her skills in all aspects, she has grown to be a confident lively child. At the age of 4 I can have a full conversation with her and I know she understands each conversation.

Kiddisafe have been very co-operative in all manners and I have been vocal! The teachers and the setting are very professional with a diverse range of children. I recommend Kiddisafe to all the parents well done & thank you to all your hard work & patience. Love you all.

Zainab & Mahadiya

Kiddisafe has provided my son a better start in his education. Staff are friendly and very professional always willing to help.

S. Bhats

Aaminah has come on leaps and bounds in the short space that she has been here. The staff have all been wonderful and given so much affection and helped her settle in. Thank you all for all the good work and care much appreciated.


It has been a pleasure dropping Ambi of to Kiddisafe it’s definitely the best nursery for Ambi she loves the staff. She has gained a lot of knowledge skills since being at Kiddisafe. If I have another child they will definitely be coming to Kiddisafe it’s a family nursery full of love and affection. Thank you for your love and support Abi & staff.

Gurjit Mann

It will be sad to see Zakariyya not attend Kiddisafe due to him going to school. We know he has enjoyed himself throughout his stay. Zakariyya has developed himself more than we could have imagined. I am sure this is due to the guidance and care provided by the staff at Kiddisafe. I highly recommend that a child should attend pre-school prior to attending school, even more so, Kiddisafe for both development and peace of mind.

Mohammed Bhana

All the staff are very friendly and caring, if you have any questions they are very helpful all the time. My son has never complained about anyone. He has really enjoyed his time, they all make an effort with the children and I would not hesitate to recommend Kiddisafe to anyone. I will definitely send my future kids here.

Shazmin Daud